Our partner relationships start by discussing the unique points of the brand and product. We carefully analyse the necessary information and highlight our core competencies which include dynamic systems, fraud detection, dynamic consumer pricing, marketing and e-commerce, access to all of the major price comparison websites and much more.

By working closely with all of our partners we ensure complete understanding of their customers and their business requirements, so that together we can create mutually profitable partnerships.

Our Partners

Hastings Direct Smartmiles

In 2012 Hastings Direct and iGO4 partnered to deliver Hastings Direct Smartmiles, a new young driver focussed, telematics product to market.

RAC Insurance

iGO4 has partnered with RAC Financial Services Limited for the provision and administration of RAC Van Insurance since 2015. The partnership combines one of the UK’s most trusted and well known motoring services brands with IGO4’s expertise in distribution and broking services, to deliver a proposition in line with RAC’s ambitions to continue growing its commercial services beyond Breakdown.