Choppy waters ahead?

In the 10th quarterly price comparisonwatch, Tom Cooper finds no slowdown in quote volumes but converting them into sales represents a growing challenge.

In the latest price comparison watch — the 10th consecutive quarterly study — we have once again seen premium increases that will help the move back towards profitability. Insurers appear to have well and truly got to grips with the aggregator channel and Aviva’s recent decision to ‘officially’ come back into the arena is further proof that, if you want to be a serious player in private motor, you have to
participate on these sites. However, if insurers are beginning to enjoy profitable aggregator strategies, is this at someone else’s expense?
Instinctively one might assume it would be the consumer facing some hefty annual hikes in their premiums. But our analysis shows that, while rises have been experienced across the board, the brunt of this is being borne by particular segments, such as young drivers.

July 2011 – Choppy waters ahead?

  • No signs of a slowdown in growing aggregator quote volumes
  • BUT….. converting quotes into sales represents a growing challenge
  • Aggregators’ competitive footprint narrows as brands concentrate on profitable business
  • Change in underwriting approach looms large on the horizon – how will aggregators respond?

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*Taken from the Post Magazine July 2011